Why Did the Girls Cross the Road?

Last weekend Dan and I visited friends in Houghton, NY. It’s a strange little town, alright. Full of farms and grass and Amish people. Unlike new jersey, people are nice. Yes, a little too nice. 

Three of us girls are walking on the sidewalk window shopping. An old man on a motorized scooter is following close behind. Yes, a little too close.

Note: I want one. The scooter, that is.

Because we are nice girls, we move out of the way to let him pass. Slowing down, scooter man says, “No, no, girls, don’t move out of my way…I like watching you walk.” At that moment I really wanted to put on a backwards robe snuggie. I think that would have done a good job at ruining his little show that he did NOT pay for. Instead, we all simultaneously turn to cross the busy street to get to the other side.  Sure, there were cars a-crossing, but when the benefits outweigh the risks, you should do it.  At least that’s what Dr’s are always telling me and they probably know a thing or two.

Some people need to be kept only at pepper sprays length distance, just sayin’.


  1. omg, creepy. Seriously? That’s absolutely the craziest thing I’ve heard.
    Yikes, and too bad you didn’t have a can of pepper spray right then, might’ve come in handy right then. What a perverted old dude – and on a scooter no less. Sounds as if this was NOT the first time – especially since he just said it so bluntly – which that in itself is creepy.
    Glad you wound up safe and didn’t get hit by a car. lol

    • I know right? It was super creepy! Like…please dont be so honest with me lol

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