We Eat In Silence

When you see a couple eating dinner in silence, most assume they must be unhappy with one another or it’s a really awkward first date. Sat next to one of those in NYC. It was like my own private reality show.

Dan and I eat in silence. He doesn’t like to talk and eat at the same time and when he comes home from work he’s tired and hungry and likes to unwind. I’m ok with it. I don’t mind silence and I know once he’s done eating, he’ll tell me about his day.  Just because we’re not talking doesn’t mean I’m bored. Sometimes I watch him have conversations with himself in his head. Once I asked, “Did you just figure something out?” He was so confused and had no idea I’d been watching him for about 5 minutes straight. I saw him nod his head and it looked like he agreed with hinself and came to a solution. I was right, he did. What can I say? I know the man well.

Last weekend we were out to dinner and after Dan finished his food he said, “People probably thought this was a bad date.” So, fyi, if you see us eating in silence, we’re not fighting. We’re very happy, I promise.


  1. Katie emmons

    Haha I hope other people aren’t looking at me while I have conversations with myself in my head….that would be embarrassing, but totally hilarious for the person watching.

  2. Haha, that’s so funny, I can’t totally imagine all of that taking place!

  3. Hey if it works, it works. The only time I eat in silence is if I’m scarfing down my food way too fast. That happens…

  4. Evelyn Marie Nixon Assad :)

    I heard once that only close friends are comfortable sitting together in silence…and it’s so true! It’s very difficult to sit in silence with someone unless you’re good friends…a painful example–we had a chef at Leila (a woman–excellent cook :9 I must say) and sometimes I would give her a ride home a 40 minute ride and she spoke Spanish fluently and Arabic fluently…obviously I speak English fluently and Arabic very very “in” fluently–but we talked the whole way…I’m not kidding!! There were a lot of hand gestures…which I don’t have to tell you is not good for driving :) hehe

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