How To Fry Your Brains Out

The past few weeks I’ve been on a Documentary kick. What I’ve learned… 

Solitary confinement makes you nuts. So lets take the worst prisoners who had the worst behavior to land themselves in there in the first place, lock them up for a few years and then release them back into society. They are bound for success if you ask me. -National Geographic’s Solitary Confinement

Eating McDoanlds 3X a day is not good for you. You will gain weight and get sick. -SuperSize Me

Here in America we over medicate while giving birth. -The Business of Being Born
(Don’t see that one unless you plan to burn your eyes out after, to get the image of Rikki Lake giving birth out of your mind.)

Babies in parts of Africa chew on animal bones and their moms are totally chill about it. Babies in America are spoiled. Babies in Japan are super cute and babies in Mongolia chill with cattle and goats will drink water out of the tub they’re bathing in. -BABIES
Do not see this on a first date, or second or 3rd. Minus the fact there are awkward parts, you may scare the guy away with watching something called “BABIES.” I called Dan over to see some parts and most of what he said was, “WHHAAT?” and “EWW.”

I watched a few others until I realized I was losing brain cells. Dan told me he’s worried that if I don’t challenge my brain I’m going to get Alzheimer’s. Fair enough since I often to the “what did I come in here for..” thing already. Plus, I don’t wanna go all Drew Barrymore from 50 first dates on Dan, cause that man is never gonna get Alzheimers. He uses his brain too much. So I’ve decided to ditch Netflix and read more.  I need your help though, give me a list of some of your favorite books. They will go towards the Help Grace Prevent Alzheimers group. Thanks!

Currently reading the 2nd one down. Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre. No, I don’t <3 patchwork and quilt making. Those aren’t my books underneath it.


  1. Yeah, “the business of being born” is hard core, but I think it’s a good thing to know about!

    Good books to read:

    The Circle Trilogy – Black, Red, White by Ted Dekker (intense but a really great read)

    Mark of the Lion trilogy by Francine Rivers (possibly the best work of fiction I’ve read)

    Classics: Jane Austin is my fav. Chronicles of Narnia, and Lord of the Rings are also very good.

    Crazy love and Forgotten God – Francis Chan

    If your looking for something non-fiction and old school Andrew Murray has many really good books on more serious theological topics.


  2. Thanks Abbie!

  3. katie E

    If you like creepy murder mystery kinda books read doon koontz, he’s amazing.
    Nicholas sparks = wonderful
    I just downloaded some classics like the scarlet letter and pride and prejudice onto my iPad (since they’re like the only free books out there). Ill let you know when I finish one and like it.

    • I need to stay away from murder mysteries, my dreams are scary enough. I do love Nicholas Sparks though, I’ll have to download some of his stuff :)

  4. Grace, I love it. I have actually seen every single one of those and your commentary is hilarious.

    Onto books: Just finished reading Sing Me Home by Jodi Picoult. If you like her, you should definitely read it. Actually, anything by Jodi Picoult – my favorites are House Rules & Nineteen Minutes. GREAT books! I know there are dozens more authors I could recommend (it’s what I do) LOL But I have Jodi on the brain and she’s amazing.

    Oh, and I 2nd Katie’s suggestion of Nicholas Sparks – Amazing author.

    and @Abbie – I need to check those books out because with the exception of the classics you mentioned and I have read, I don’t know the other ones.

    Grace, no Alzheimer’s for you.

    • Thanks Nicole! Funny you’ve seen all those too :) Will definitely check out Jodi Picoult

  5. flea market style is great- i own it! also me, you, and heather need to get into jane austen and bronte sister based movies in a big way.

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