Fat, Sick and Migraines in My Head

Last September, we had a family vacation to Cape Cod. The first night we were there, we had a family movie night and the movie of choice was a documentary called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. I have always loved documentaries, so I was pumped.

One day I plan on making my own documentary called The Life of a Trophy Wife: Everything They Don’t Do. Yes, I will allow cameras into my apartment to exploit my husband and me. So what, I want a house.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is about an Australian dude named Joe Cross who goes on a 60 day juice fast to improve his health and decides to fast here in America. A 60 day diet of only juiced fruits and vegetables. He interviews people on the streets of NYC and asks them if they would ever attempt something like this. Joe asks one dude on the street if he has ever fasted. Dude says, “Fast, no. I eat fast, but I don’t fast.” In my head I was thinking…touche’! Ok, so I’ve never been particularly health conscience. I’ve grown up eating high fructose corn syrup and blue dye no. 1  and I used to drink A LOT of diet coke. When we first got married Dan wanted me to stop drinking it because it was unhealthy. I thought… no it’s not, you’re the one missing out on the goodness that is diet coke. Then one day I decided for myself it was unhealthy and told hubby, I’m going to stop drinking diet coke and switch to seltzer, do you know how bad soda is for you?? Even though it’s exactly what he had been saying for months, I couldn’t see it until I made the decision for myself. Ironically my mother in law has been juicing for awhile and told me how wonderful it is for your body and health etc. But I really couldn’t see myself ever doing it. Much like the people on this documentary, you can’t make people want to change. As we were watching the documentary, I was really impressed by the amount of weight this man had lost and how his overall health improved drastically, but I can’t say I was dying to whip out some Kale and cucumber put it in a juicer and cheers to it.  Ps. what is kale anyway?

It wasn’t until a woman on the show who suffered from migraines decided to do a juice fast for 10 days, that I started to think maybe this was something I wanted to try. She didn’t get any migraines during the fast and didn’t get any after. Unfortunately they didn’t really update you at the end to see if they came back which is what I was most interested in. I decided 10 days didn’t seem so bad compared to the 60 Joe Cross had committed to. So Friday night I watched the documentary again to pump myself up. It worked! Because I went out and bought a juicer yesterday and decided to start tomorrow! While I might not be fat or sick or nearly dead, I’ve got these migraines in my head and I’d like to at least try something to get rid of them. It definitely can’t hurt!

Biggest Concerns.
Dans safety. I’m usually a nice girl, but not when I’m hungry. So maybe he should keep a safe distance until the 10 days are up.

Not being able to do it! I really really want to make it through the 10 days but I’ve never gone without food for even 1 day so I’m kinda nervous. Part of why I’m blogging about it is so that I’ll have more motivation to do it.

Turning orange. You know if you drink too much carrot juice your skin turns orange? Ew. If you spray tan, stop paying big bucks for it, just drink carrot juice. You’ll look the same.

So Juice fast starts tomorrow, wish me luck. seriously. I need it.


  1. katie e

    Ha first thing I thought of when I saw this blog post was, “wow, I can’t believe she’s writing about my pregnancy!” ;)
    but seriously, good luck. Hope it helps!

  2. Sarah S

    Email me (Dan has my email address if you don’t) – I’ve been researching juice fasts for months and have a ton of suggestions and hints on things to do and not to do. I also have a long list of recipes to try. What juicer did you buy?

  3. Grace, I will totally cheer you on, and I really hope you blog about it. I watched that documentary too and I understand the motivation behind it, I just can’t do it. I drink diet everything and cannot let it go. LOL Someday. I’m so proud of you and impressed that you are going to attempt this! I hope you blog about it because I get inspired by people who do this kind of thing – especially when I read about their experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly. Good luck hon!
    P.S. Don’t hurt Dan, we need him over on Triberr. ;)

  4. Go for it! I’ll be praying for you. It’ll be tough for sure, but I don’t think you’ll regret it at all.

  5. Hello Im a danish woman suffering from migraine. I have tried it all, even written a book about migraines. Thinking about doing a reebot.
    What happened with your migraines?

    • hi Gitte,
      Sorry you are suffering from them too! I didn’t get any during the juice fast. It wasn’t until I went back to my regular diet, that a few returned. Overall though, I have them less frequently. I’d like to do a longer juice fast at some point. You should try it, it can’t hurt! Good luck!

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