Dissed By A 3 Year Old

There’s a family that lives down the street from us and I occasionally watch their kids. Occasionally being the key word because I don’t think the kids like me very much. Actually I know they don’t because they’ve told me. Man, you hide one plastic sword from a kid because he was trying to stab you and then it’s your fault when Halloween rolls around and the 5 year old pirate is swordless because the babysitter hid it in an awesome place that even she can’t remember.

Anyway, today the swordless pirate was getting his 5 year old check up shots, so it was just his younger sister. She decided we should  tolor.

Note: She cannot make the “K” sound.

As we were toloring, she asked me to draw a fox for her. Wanting at least one of the children to like me, I decided I’d draw her a really nice picture. At the same time she decided she would draw a porcupine. So when I was about half way done with the fox she says to me, “You’re doing it wrong.” Then a few minutes later “That’s not very dood.”

Note: She cannot make the “G” sound either.

After I finished it, she asked me, “Are you going to take that home?” I told her no, because it was for her. “Well I think you should. I don’t like it.”

So I was like…girl please. Let’s see your porcupine. So she held it up.

Wow, what a beautiful drawing SAID NO ONE BUT YOUR MOM BECAUSE SHE HAD TO!



  1. Looks like that porcupine stepped on a landmine.

  2. My kid loves my friend, and basically wants to move in with her. I watched her kid once when he could barely walk and he literally tried to put on his coat, leave my house and cried the whole time. If he were big enough to reach the door handle he would’ve been audi. I thought it was funny and sent her crazy pics of him with his coat on his head standing by the door. No one asked me to babysit after that.

    • hahaha, nice. Did you do that on purpose so she’d never ask again?

  3. Katie E

    Inwish I could draw as good as either of these pics. Seriously.

    • Im sure you could draw the one on the bottom…just close your eyes and scribble

  4. Pauline Nicole

    that is a pretty awesome fox…
    and weird, I know a kid that substitutes the /t/ sound for /k/ too!

    • Thanks!

      And it’s actually pretty cute when she’s not hatin’ on me

  5. HAHAHAHA Gracie, can I have your fox? I think it’s awesome :) Also, this story reminds me of a certain 4 year old who said I had a big butt and didn’t like my hair yellow.

    • hahahah, Can we start a support group for Abused Babysitters Anonymous?

  6. thank you :)

  7. You did a great job toloring Grace lol

  8. Nice blog, thanks for the info.

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