Day 5. The Pink Drink

I’m hallllfwaaaaay there, ohhhhhhwhoaaa.

Today was the first day I woke up and actually felt good. It’s definitely not cupcakes and sunshine yet, like some people say it will be after you get past the “hard part”. And I still wanted to steal the sandwich out of my moms hand today that she was eating for lunch. So, no, solid food…I haven’t forgotten you.

The “green drinks” have been really hard for me to stomach. I’ll post more about those evil things soon. It’s kind of like throwing some grass that your dog just pooped on through a juicer.  It’s torture, for reals. On the plus side though, I’ve been migraine-free! And that is worth drinking dog poop grass juice.

But it hasn’t all been torture. Below is what I have been drinking every morning and it’s amazing. Everyone should own a juicer, just to taste what REAL orange and REAL apple and REAL grapefruit juice tastes like. Soo much different from store bought stuff. I don’t think I could ever go back to store bought stuff. Once you go bla….oh never mind, that doesn’t apply to me anyway. 

I give you CranberryGreenAppleGrapeFruit juice with a little bit of raspberry seltzer because I can’t drink anything without bubbles in it anymore. It’s a problem I know. I’m working on it.

VERY IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Grapefruit juice can interact with certain medications causing them not to work properly. Especially any anti-seizure, depression, or anxiety medication. You don’t wanna mess with that stuff, so be careful!

Oh, dontcha just love the dreamy filter I put on it? Like the kind 17 year old girls use for their senior pictures? I swear I see it with a glow around it like that in the morning.


  1. Grace!!! Im a die.hard juicer!!!!! I loooooooove juicing.

    • really?? I had no idea, thats awesome :) We still need to get together for hot chocolate(when I can drink it again)

  2. Grace, you’re more than halfway there!! That is so awesome! And that drink looks AMAZING. I couldn’t agree more that fresh squeezed juice (or juiced juice) is better than anything from the store… ANYTHING. However I have this theory that after 10 days of nothing but juice I’d be so sick of juice I’d be heading straight to McDon…. never mind. Don’t want to put any ideas in that head of yours :p
    You’re doing great and I’m so impressed and honestly I’ve never understood how anyone could drink those green drinks… my mom has one daily and it makes my stomach hurt just watching her drink them when I’m with her. LOL
    Anyway, you’re doing it girl, and I’m so impressed!!

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