Day 10. Juice Fast Recap

Almost dying the first day. And my dying wish was for a steak with a side of fries, and ice cream, and chocolate covered oreos.

Putting the food in the juicer, its so fun! Except when cranberries fly out of the machine and hit you in the face sometimes.

Husband decided to drink juice every night for dinner so I didn’t have to be tortured by cooking him dinner.  #Heisafewofmyfavoritethings.

Forgetting to tell you a VERY important thing about myself. My brothers have been calling me “juice” for the past 7 years.  Man, you drink 1 juicebox every day for a year your freshmen year of high school and the nickname sticks. I don’t get it. Once my brothers roommate was like, “Hey…your phones going off. It’s….juice?” And Matt was all, “oh yeah, that’s just my sister. nbd.”

Cutting up fruit and having an old Sunday school song pop into my head. The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control….I wish there was audio on this thing. You would like my little song. Those who know it, I’m sorry for getting it stuck into your head.

Dan asking, “Can I put an egg in the juicer?” And not joking about it.

Staring at the juicer with him for about 10 minutes trying to figure out how the juice gets separated from the pulp. We’re still stumped.

I inspired two people who also inspired two people to juice fast. I can see where this is going. Basically I’m about as influential(if not more so) than Oprah.

Hunger pains, so many hunger pains! But I decided to pray for the starving people in the world every time I felt hungry. I told Dan I had been hungry all day but it’s ok because I fed a lot of people around the world. He told me to keep up the good work saving the world. Which I plan to.

Saying this gem to husband…Can you just go sit at McDonald’s for awhile and let me smell you when you come back?

And this gem after He had just eaten…Let me lick the inside of your mouth!!!

Watching a YouTube vid with Dan about juice fasts. The first thing we heard was, “My mentor Nature says…” And we shut it off. Not interested in anything your mentor Nature has to say. Why are most hardcore health people so nutty?

Drinking my last green drink this afternoon. Cheers!

Sorry the picture quality looks like it’s from a camera phone from 2005. Dan wasn’t home to photograph me =(


  1. You look super awesome!!! Good job, Grace :) Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. You forgot to tell us how you feel now!

    • I did in the last post! C’mon I thought you were stalking me, you’re not doing a good job!

  3. Grace, you look gorgeous as usual, I can’t take my eyes off you long enough to look at the gross juice. haha

    Oh and btw: for you…

    • aw thanks nicole! Remember when I said I wanted to keep people in my pocket to say nice things about me. I meant YOU :)

      oh my goodness, now everyone can enjoy that song! soo good.

  4. Well, my mentor Nature says I really have to try it now that it includes the migraine cure. I don’t get them as frequently as you did but when I do, they’re like pass out in the dark debilitating (and I have a kid I have to watch or she’ll end up either burning the house down or eating bugs). So, I think I’ll try this when I get a juicer.

    Anyway, you look great. Congrats and thanks for blogging this.

    • Your mentor is right! You gotta do it and I’ve had my share of debilitating pass out throw up migraines..I just have medication so they don’t get to that point anymore. and Eating bugs aint so bad :) i think I can have those on a raw food diet

    To solve your question about how the pulp separates from the juice….
    Hang in there, it gets kinda physics-y but it makes sense! Pretty cool to know!

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